Top three types of Cable trays

We all know that cable trays are used for covering the wires efficiently. In case you are searching for a perfect solution for supporting, and ensuring an expansive heap of wires in high-rise construction, you can depend on cable trays. They are considered ideal for open wires that are intended for supporting the wiring system. Cable trays are accessible from a basic structure to high customisation choices, along these lines, it is constantly vital to consider your application prerequisite before you shop from Cable tray manufacturers in Dubai. To make a thoughtful decision, here are the top three types of cable trays to choose from:

Ladder cable trays

Ladder cable trays are commonly used cable tray wiring system installations for intermediate to long support spans. These cable trays come with no covers which allow free flow of air across the cables. This also enables this heat produced in the cable’s conductors to escape efficiently. This makes the conductor fixed in the cables of a cable tray wiring system maintain maximum operating temperature and prohibit premature ageing of the tray systems.

Ventilated trough cable trays

As the name suggests, these trays provide more ventilation to the wiring system. One of the most appealing reasons for choosing the ventilated trays over the ladder type trays is their design.

Although the support provided by ventilated cable trays to the cables is more than that done by the ladder cable trays, the additional support is not noteworthy. To be more specific the additional support doesn’t have much influence on the cable service record.

Solid Bottom Cable Trays

Solid bottom cable trays are used for minimising the heat generation in electrical or telecommunication applications. These trays with steel covers provide better shielding if there are no breaks or holes in between.

The major disadvantage of selecting solid bottom is moisture is easily built up in the cable trays. This can be corrected by building 1/4 inch drain holes in the bottom of these cable trays.


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