Opt for sunglasses that suit you the best

When it comes to eyeglasses, both protection and fashion are equally important. There are different types of sunglasses available at eyewear shops. There are sport sunglasses, the primary function of which is to protect eyes from the sun. Then there are fashion sunglasses which although are cheap and trendy but do not provide sun protection as they should.  There are designer sunglasses featuring the trendiest styles, superior quality and the brand price. Of course the fashion-savvy people who want to provide some protection to the eyes chose the brands of  Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, and Gucci sunglasses UAE. You can take this article as a guide to choose shades that will suit you.

Shades according to your features

When sunglasses are concerned, specific styles will work best with these basic face shapes:

Square face

The curvy, round or cat‘s eye will complement the angular features of a square face-shaped woman. Whereas for a man with a square face, sunglasses with a sharp angle is recommended, which will enhance his strong-jawed appearance.

Heart face / triangular face

A cat’s eye frame with well-rounded edges will balance the wide forehead and narrow chin for a woman. A man with a triangular face can choose sunglasses with a wider lower edge and no straight lines along the top.

Long or oblong face

For long-faced men and women round or rectangular lenses in oversized frames are recommended. They can also opt for sunglasses with thick frames that add width to the oblong faces. Vintage sunglasses re also a perfect fit for such faces.

Types of shades

Cat’s eye: this is vastly popular among women. The lenses are wider in the middle than on either of the sides or have a greater curve on the bottom than on the top.

Polarized sunglasses: these have a filter between the front and back surface of the lens, reducing the horizontally reflected glare. These types of sunglasses are quite useful for people living in snowy rainy and sunny areas.

Wrap-arounds: In this the lenses and temples curve around the head. In other words, the temple is about as tall as the lenses. These sunglasses types eliminate peripheral vision and add extra sun protection.

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