Most popular cable tray types in UAE

Typically, cable trays are the support systems that are used to support cable while also ensuring safety. There are several different types of cable trays available in the market, however, the most commonly used cable trays in UAE are cable ladders, snake cable tray and wire basket cable tray.

  1. Ladder cable trays

Ladder cable trays are among the most popular type of cable trays. They are ideal for cables and wires that are installed vertically. These cable trays have a unique design that is ideal for fiber cabling. It is recommended if you are looking for a space-saving system. Ladder cable trays also support heavy weights and thus, ladder cable trays are quite popular for industrial construction.

  1. Snake cable trays

The snake cable trays are the most flexible in their location as well as the structure. These versatile cable trays are fabricated to be bendable in nature. This quality makes them the best suit for customisation. Snake cable trays are usually preferred in environments with where there are a lot of spacing issues and structural obstacles. This is because these trays are easy to bend and do not require any clipping and re-connecting.

  1. Wire basket trays

These cable trays are quite common for cable management and cable routing solutions. They offer sturdy support for the cables while maintaining an accessible structure. Wire basket trays are versatile when it comes to their location. Whether for installations that require hanging the trays from the ceiling, mounted to the floor or stashed below flooring, wire basket cable trays are available for cable support. They have a grid-like pattern that allows for very good airflow which prevents wire malfunction and overheating.


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