What Pet Lovers Should Need To Know When Travelling to Dubai

The reason why Dubai is known as the cultural hub is only because of its legal structure. The government rules set for the people are equally applicable for everyone regardless of religion, race, nationality and financial background. Same is with the animals, there are also a set of rules for the animals and the people owning them. For those who are traveling to Dubai and wish to bring their pet along with them, Law firms in UAE will help you by advising you the proper shipment method to ease your transportation.


  • According to Law firms in UAE, you will need an import permit to import your pets to Dubai. This import permit can be obtained by the Human Resource Development after a legal process and some document copies such as the Good Health Certificates and the Vaccination Certificate.
  • Then you should arrange your pet shipment contacting a company that specializes in shipping pets as a cargo can cost you heavy on the pocket. The company will then you in providing the shipment and the flight details. Then an individual can collect their pets from the cargo section of airports showing the original Good Health Certificates, the original Vaccination Certificate, and a photocopy of your passport.
  • There is one more thing you should bear in mind that if you are staying in a hotel in Dubai. Before reaching Dubai you should arrange a boarding for your pets at any of the kennels. These kennel representatives will pick up your pet from the respective flight prior to your arrival. You can meet your pets at the kennel. Payment for shipment and kennel will be your responsibility.

Apart from the shipment process, there are few more things you should be knowing when traveling to Dubai.

  • Your pets will need to implant a traceable microchip between the shoulders.
  • UAE allows two pets per person.
  • The pets should be younger than four months old.
  • You should keep in mind that certain breeds are banned from entering in Dubai.
  • Avoid shipping your pets during Ramadan as you will find difficulty in proceeding the process due to various business closures.

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