Ways to safely throw away a used car battery

When our car batteries die or wear out either we recondition them and use them again or simply throw them away. You should better opt for the new battery change in Dubai rather than repairing and using the car battery replacement in Sharjah, Dubai, UAE. Now, when a car battery has drained out and is of no use you should not easily throw them. A 12-volt car battery has so many dangerous and risky chemicals that toxic effects on the environment. So, for the safety concerns, there are some methods created for their safe disposal of the used car batteries.

  • Recycle them: Recycling the car batteries seems a difficult task. For this, every year a Great Battery Round up program is held once to celebrate the Earth day. You can visit any local AAA office to get the details for recycling your car battery.
  • Exchange them: You can also exchange your used batteries when you go to buy a new one. There are many retailers who offer a discount when you hand them your used batteries at the time of purchase. The retailers then either repair these used batteries and resell them or they ship these to the manufacturers for its proper disposal.
  • Throw them away: If you don’t want to get into any hassle then you may simply call your local sanitation department. Many cities have specific locations for disposing of the hazardous materials they may guide you to the location for throwing the batteries. Still, exchanging or and recycling them is a much better option than trashing them.

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