Tips to prevent garden pests at home without using harsh chemicals

No garden is free of pests and disease. Fungal infections, rats, caterpillars, beetles, are some of the common problems that arise in both vegetable and flower gardens. Many problems can be attacked on several fronts, so if one solution fails in your garden, try another. Luckily, you can fight back against these predators if you act before, or at, the earliest signs of trouble.

You can change the way you garden and head off problems before they arise by adopting natural pest control in Dubai. Natural pest control is proven safe and efficient ways to protect your garden plants from the tiny insects without risking your health or using harsh chemicals.

Using natural pest control for the garden is healthier to the family and environment. The organic methods do not damage the soil texture, and even make your plant grow stronger. In this article there are some tips that can be used together to form a protective barrier against the most common pest problems.

Pest control in Dubai

  • Pick them when you got ’em. Some of the pests are larger in sizes such as spiders and harmful caterpillars which can easily be hand-picked if the infestation is limited. This approach is one of easiest and effective one.
  • Pick disease-resistant varieties. Various diseases and fungus infections can destroy many garden plants. Leaving a powdery appearance or strange coloration of leaves and fruits is common signs of infection. The best way to deal with the diseases is prevention at the right time or to grow plant varieties that are described as disease resistant.
  • Waste management. Remove and destroy dead and infested plants immediately and thrown in the trash. Don’t add them to your compost pile. Likewise, evacuate dead leaves, fallen organic product, and different garbage that can give refuge for pests.
  • Use nontoxic sprays or traps. Insecticidal soap sprays are fairly effective on many pests, and won’t hurt plants, individuals, creatures, or beneficial insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, wasps, dragonflies that come along later.

Many plants are susceptible to attack only when young and tender. Cover your plants to protect them from insects and animals eating your plants by using nets, wire fencing.

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