Tips to choose a perfect venue for a birthday party

Planning a birthday party? WHERE is the very first thing that comes to the mind. If you want to organize a birthday party at your own house then you will not have to worry about the venue. But if you want to celebrate your child’s first birthday party or your dad’s 50th, then of course you would have a pretty larger guest list that won’t fit in your home. You definitely will have to look for good birthday party halls in Dubai for celebrating the event with all your near and dear ones. But how to select the appropriate venue for party venue out of so many? Here are a few aspects to look for.

  •         How far is it?

Make sure the venue is not located too far from your locality or your town. Do calculate the amount of time taken to reach the venue location. If your guests will be arriving from outstation, then also consider the transportation and traffic of the area where the party hall is located.

  •         What is the size of the hall?

Consider your guest list before hiring the hall. Do not simply go for backdrop of the room. ensure that it is spacious enough to accommodate all your guests comfortably under one roof.

  •         Does it provide catering and decoration services?

Ensure that the venue also provide with other facilities and services like catering, decorating etc. Your birthday party will be enhanced by delicious food and cake and the party décor will add to the sparkle of the celebrations. Make sure if the venue provides an in-house facility for these or else you would have to arrange it from somewhere else.  

Howard Johnson is one of the best 3-star hotels that offer various types of birthday party halls in Dubai. We offer a wide range of halls to choose from according to the size of your guest list. Moreover each of the halls is equipped with all kinds of standard to luxurious amenities.

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IHC – Free zone dedicated for humanitarian purpose

The government of Dubai has been taking several steps to decrease its economic dependence on the oil and gas industry. To enable this, the government has been encouraging the growth of other industries by easing the company formation in Dubai norms and by setting up free zones.

At the same time, Dubai is also making significant efforts for the betterment of society and human cause. It is a well-established fact that Dubai provides its citizens and residents with world class facilities. At the same time, Dubai also focuses a lot on humanitarian causes and giving it back to the society. The perfect reflection of its efforts is the International Humanitarian City (IHC) free zone in Dubai.

The IHC is a free zone that is dedicated for humanitarian purposes. The IHC is dedicated for the distribution of humanitarian help across the globe. To make this true, several departments of the UN, a number of international NGOs and intergovernmental organizations have established their units in the IHC. Some of the most important organizations operating from the IHC include UNHCR, WHO, UNICEF, OCHA, UNDP, UNDSS, WFP, Red Crescent and Red Cross.

Founded in the year 2003, the IHC is the result of a merger between the Dubai Aid City (DAC) and Dubai Humanitarian City (DHC). It is 18 kms from the Al Maktoum Airport. Currently, IHC is regarded as the largest humanitarian hub in the world.

Get more details about IHC and humanitarian company formation in Dubai by contacting Dubai Business Advisors.

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Hire local pest control services to stay at peace

Cockroaches, rats, mice and other pests cause the most irritating problems for people in residential and office environments. Basic cleaning can be done by using DIY techniques that are popular on the internet. But, infestation and pest control Dubai requires a local pest control services.

A trained expert can access the extent of the infestation and create a plan accordingly after conducting a careful examination of your property. Insect bites and rodent droppings can lead to harmful illness to you and your family members. Inhaling chemicals may make your family and pets sick. A trained pest control technician will have a good knowledge on spraying the chemicals that are safe to use.

It is lesser known fact that pets like cockroaches and bed bugs are highly resistant to insecticides. Using powerful chemicals can do more harm to you than to the pests. Hence allow pest control technician to handle the infestation and apply the required amount of germicidal and sanitiser affected area.

Many pest control services around Dubai provide a free checkup and charge minimum amount to come to your home or workplace and spray pesticides insecticides to prevent problem to some extent. But, a good local pest control technician provides very good customer service by educating you with some important information about

  1. The pests in your property
  2. The places pests may like to hide and breed

iii. Ways to preventing future infestations.

To conclude local pest control company can help you get rid of the problems of irritation, itching, sleepless nights and health issues caused by the bite of insects, mosquitoes, rats, bed bugs etc.

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Few tips for innovative office interior design

Since a workplace or office is a spot where the employees try to put their 100 percent in order to make the work more efficient and productive, therefore it requires being enlivened and bright. And if the work done in the office is inventive in nature, then the job of creating lively interiors become a necessity so that the innovativeness of the working individuals stems best. At this point, consulting a company that offers office fit out in Dubai is a must. Here we have a few tips for you, considering which you can make your office interior design superlative.

  •         Consider teak furniture: the conventional wood furniture completes any office interior design. Teak in particular is the kind of wood on which people have relied for long in order to design their office spaces. Not only teak wood furniture offer durability, but also is classy to give the workplace an honorable appearance.
  •         Mix and match shapes:  the cutting edge observation that is applied nowadays focuses more on the idea of utilising distinctive shapes, mixture of slopes, unique and shrouded lighting types and streamlined colour plans. Such designs can incorporate almost anything and everything that supplements the look of the office.
  •         Flex office design: in order to decrease their footprint and have the flexibility to fit into different types of work, flex office designs are being considered in many workplaces. Many of the companies providing office interior design in Dubai recommend flex office designs as these can quickly change from focused work spaces to collaboration spaces whenever required. This kind of office design also involves showy items to give a contemporary look to the workspace.


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Ways to safely throw away a used car battery

When our car batteries die or wear out either we recondition them and use them again or simply throw them away. You should better opt for the new battery change in Dubai rather than repairing and using the car battery replacement in Sharjah, Dubai, UAE. Now, when a car battery has drained out and is of no use you should not easily throw them. A 12-volt car battery has so many dangerous and risky chemicals that toxic effects on the environment. So, for the safety concerns, there are some methods created for their safe disposal of the used car batteries.

  • Recycle them: Recycling the car batteries seems a difficult task. For this, every year a Great Battery Round up program is held once to celebrate the Earth day. You can visit any local AAA office to get the details for recycling your car battery.
  • Exchange them: You can also exchange your used batteries when you go to buy a new one. There are many retailers who offer a discount when you hand them your used batteries at the time of purchase. The retailers then either repair these used batteries and resell them or they ship these to the manufacturers for its proper disposal.
  • Throw them away: If you don’t want to get into any hassle then you may simply call your local sanitation department. Many cities have specific locations for disposing of the hazardous materials they may guide you to the location for throwing the batteries. Still, exchanging or and recycling them is a much better option than trashing them.

If your car battery is exhausted and wanting a new one, contact Battery Mobile or dial 800-78278 for fast service. It is the best destination for the battery change in Dubai.

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4 colors that will make an interior statement in 2018

The year is here and fast moving! Along with everything else, there is also a dramatic change in the world of interior designing. According to the experts for interior design companies in Dubai, new and trendy colors are going to rule the year.

Here the top 5 colors that will rule the year –

Copper: This rustic color is all set to rule the year. Copper is the perfect color especially for furniture. It gives a classic look to the interiors. Though it gives a 70s feel, it does make the interiors look modern and classy at the same time.

Ink color: Last year, the deep dark shade of blue made heads turn in the fashion industry and it will now claim the interior design industry. The color will make an impressive statement when used for wall hangings, furnishings and wall texturing. It can make a dashing and bold statement when used as a wall color.

Desert hues: Warm and dusty shades are trending since long and they will be making a grand statement this year. Terra cotta prints are wooing like never before and people can’t have enough of them.

Lavender: This is certainly the best alternative for people who are bored with the regular blues and pinks and it is the one color that is set to dominate the year. The color is a favorite of many interior designers and we can look forward for its use in several ways.


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Critical aspects of home interior design

The main purpose of approaching an interior designer from the best interior designing companies in UAE is to design your new home in a modern trend, or to renovate your existing home to appear classy. You should keep in mind several factors when designing the interiors of a home. Plus you also must also take are that the interior designer you hire, also does the same. Let us take a look at few of these factors.

  •         Holistic Approach

Make sure that you get a holistic approach in the home interior designing project. For this, you must  be able to thoroughly and clearly explain to him regarding all the aspects of the home, that includes the size and location of the house, the available living space and the number of people occupying the house. The functionality of the space, the comfort, plus the aesthetic appearance must also be considered. Now the interior designing company in UAE from where you hire a designer must assure that none of the local regulations are contravened with whatever they are recommending for your home

interior design company in Dubai

  •         Coordination with the contractor

The contractor you choose to execute the interior design, might not agree with certain recommendations of the interior designer. You may not be familiar with all the aspects  of interior designs and therefore this contradiction in the two might confuse you. In order to avoid this, you must make them sit together so that they both can come out to a common conclusion and implement it accordingly.

  •         Include the furniture as well

You must share your suggestions and choices for the furniture with the home interior design expert. This will ensure that the final outcome of the furniture reflects your personality as well as the innovative ideas of the designer. Make sure that the furniture you include to decorate the kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room etc. is functional as well as comfortable to use. The designer will recommend you furniture pieces that are both usable and comfortable as well as aesthetically appealing, while keeping your budget in mind.

CK Architecture is one of the best interior designing companies in UAE that can provide you with professional services to create comfortable and functional home interior design.

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When To Have A Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or RYGB is the most common type of weight-loss surgery in Dubai. While that may sound appealing to many, gastric bypass surgery isn’t for everyone. Like any other bariatric surgery, it has significant health risks and side effects.Doctors may also suggest for a mini gastric bypass in Dubai, which is similar to the gastric bypass.Moreover, the long-term achievement of gastric bypass surgery depends on your ability to make permanent changes in your lifestyle. A gastric bypass surgery or another weight-loss surgery could be an option for you if:

gastric bypass in Dubai

  • Efforts to lose weight with diet and exercise have been unsuccessful
  • Your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or higher
  • Your BMI is 35 or more and you have a serious weight-related health problem, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or severe sleep apnea.


A team of health professionals including a doctor, dietitian, psychologist, and surgeon will check your medical and family history to evaluate whether gastric bypass or mini gastric bypass in Dubai is appropriate for you.

The evaluation also determines if you’re psychologically ready to undergo weight-loss surgery as this procedure may increase certain risks in people with existing mental health conditions that aren’t effectively managed. They will evaluate the patient by considering things like:-

  • Patients nutrition and weight history
  • if he/she knows the possible risks and benefits of weight loss surgery.
  • If he/she is ready to adjust their eating regime after the surgery.
  • if he/she is committed to maintaining lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy weight.


Once you qualify, you are surgeon makes changes to your stomach a small intestine or both depending on your case. Your surgeon performs the operation by leaving only very small part of your stomach called the pouch. The pouch is very small and it can’t hold a large amount of food, so you have no other option but eat less. The food that you eat bypasses the rest of your stomach and goes directly to your small intestine.

Your surgeon uses laparoscopic procedure by performing several small incisions. At lapsurgery, we have experienced and trained surgeons to help you with weight reduction and postoperative care. For more details, visit


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Benefits and uses of PPR pipes

PPR pipes in UAE are the pipes made up of polypropylene and are used in almost every part of the world. They are the product of choice due to their distinct qualities they incorporate. These are ideally designed for supply of both hot and cold water and are said to be the most hygienic for the water transportation. Even at the stress pressure situations and cold and high temperature these pipes survive a long life. This is the reason they are used for industrial work, residential buildings, hotels, offices and commercial complexes.

PPR Pipes

PPR pipes are used in a number of applications which are as follows.

  • For conveying air pressure
  • For cold and hot water supply in residents
  • For both in sanitary lines and pure water supply
  • For underground heating pipes for hospitals, residential and commercial sectors
  • In air conditioning systems for chilled water
  • For transporting chemicals in industries
  • For agricultural purposes
  • For swimming pool pipelines
  • In compressed air pipelines

The PPR pipes are used in several sectors from domestic to industrial purposes due to its multi-facet properties. The characteristics of PPR pipes that has made these many applications possible are:

  • Low thermal conductivity: They are widely used in industrial sectors for they rarely catch fire as compared to other products. They maintain the heat level in cold and hot water supply systems. Thus, they have a very low thermal conductivity.
  • Long life: They are durable and can last a very long period of time for over more than 50 years despite extreme temperature range. These are cost efficient as well, and that is why considered as a wiser investment.
  • Lesser installation time: It is a lightweight and a quite flexible material which is easy to join and install. It doesn’t shatter when dropped and don’t break under pressure. Hence, it is also used for underground applications.
  • Resistant to corrosion and damage: These pipes are suitable for different processes as they rarely get clogged. These have a high chemical resistance and are used in agricultural sectors as they can be to exposed to acids, fertilizers, soils and various chemicals without any risk of causing damage. Thus, they carry pure water flow.

In Dubai, Bonn Metal industries is the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of pipes and fitting. If you prefer premium quality products they provide you with the utmost satisfaction.



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How Offshore Company Formations Can Help You Live a Better Life?

The Emirates have gained popularity as the most attractive jurisdiction around the world for setting up an offshore company. The various reasons for an  company formation in Dubai include:

  •         Effective assets protection
  •         Risk management
  •         No red tape
  •         Low costs of registration
  •         Secure property rights
  •         Foreign investments

offshore company formation in dubai

The tax laws enforced in this jurisdiction are stable and you will have fair chances to increase the profitability of your company set up here. The various advantages of an offshore company formation in Dubai are discussed below.

  •         You do not have to pay any kind of tax on any sort of business done outside UAE.
  •         There is no requirement of audits.
  •         The minimum time taken for an offshore company registration in Dubai is  to 7 days.
  •         A high level of confidentiality is maintained in an offshore company in Dubai, and no information about the directors and shareholders of the company is revealed.
  •         Copy of documents like the Memorandum of Association and others related to the company are attested by the registrar. All the document are both in English and Arab, making it easier and comfortable to work with the company in future.
  •         Your company needs to have at least one director, but the number of directors is not limited to one.
  •         It is not necessary for the director of the offshore company to be a citizen of Dubai.
  •         For the registration the presence of one owner or shareholder is mandatory.
  •         The offshore company in Dubai can be operated by the shareholders.
  •         It is a compulsory requirement  for all registered offshore companies to be registered through an agency that has the legal status of the registered agent for the offshore companies.

Once your company is registered, you can operate it and carry out your international business in Dubai from out of UAE too.

When looking for a business consultancy firm for setting up an off shore business in UAE, you must hire the expert professionals at Adam Global.

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