How custom integrations help your website work for you?

Many web design companies make use of WordPress as a stable and mature platform that has a massive library of plugins letting you do anything you need it to do. You have plugins for eCommerce, plugins for SEO management, plugins to create forms, and plugins for different other things. But sometimes none of these plugins work for businesses that have a unique demand. In such cases engaging the best web development company in Dubai will be a great idea that knows the importance of custom integrations for such unique business goals.


What is a Custom Integration?

A custom integration means building a custom software solution that is specific to your exact use. It is a code that could be similar and simple like a plugin that jumps from one database to another for shuffling data. This goes up to a customized content management system and can require even weeks for development.


You business may require custom integrations to help integrate your website, software, systems or platforms, together according to your personal specifications. For instance, you can get a custom integration between your business website and your backend systems like CRM and ERP systems.

Here are a few examples of situations calling for custom integration:

  • In case if you need to connect an ancient ERP system running on a 20-year-old server, to a public forum where the users of your website can submit support tickets easily, custom integrations can be wisely used.
  • In case you have an Excel spreadsheet that includes all of your locations in it and you want to throw those on a map with an ease of updating  your list, a custom integration is required.
  • In case you need to present data to your clients that is in some obscure offline database, you need custom integration.  



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