Benefits and uses of PPR pipes

PPR pipes in UAE are the pipes made up of polypropylene and are used in almost every part of the world. They are the product of choice due to their distinct qualities they incorporate. These are ideally designed for supply of both hot and cold water and are said to be the most hygienic for the water transportation. Even at the stress pressure situations and cold and high temperature these pipes survive a long life. This is the reason they are used for industrial work, residential buildings, hotels, offices and commercial complexes.

PPR Pipes

PPR pipes are used in a number of applications which are as follows.

  • For conveying air pressure
  • For cold and hot water supply in residents
  • For both in sanitary lines and pure water supply
  • For underground heating pipes for hospitals, residential and commercial sectors
  • In air conditioning systems for chilled water
  • For transporting chemicals in industries
  • For agricultural purposes
  • For swimming pool pipelines
  • In compressed air pipelines

The PPR pipes are used in several sectors from domestic to industrial purposes due to its multi-facet properties. The characteristics of PPR pipes that has made these many applications possible are:

  • Low thermal conductivity: They are widely used in industrial sectors for they rarely catch fire as compared to other products. They maintain the heat level in cold and hot water supply systems. Thus, they have a very low thermal conductivity.
  • Long life: They are durable and can last a very long period of time for over more than 50 years despite extreme temperature range. These are cost efficient as well, and that is why considered as a wiser investment.
  • Lesser installation time: It is a lightweight and a quite flexible material which is easy to join and install. It doesn’t shatter when dropped and don’t break under pressure. Hence, it is also used for underground applications.
  • Resistant to corrosion and damage: These pipes are suitable for different processes as they rarely get clogged. These have a high chemical resistance and are used in agricultural sectors as they can be to exposed to acids, fertilizers, soils and various chemicals without any risk of causing damage. Thus, they carry pure water flow.

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