5 tips for buying new car tires

Are you planning to buy new car tires? Well if you are, then you may get confused lots of available choices in the marketplace. You can also get tyres online Dubai at reasonable prices. But before hopping on to purchasing new, you must always follow the 5 tips mentioned below to make the best choice according to your needs.

Tire replacement service, fitting with balancing, change to winter

Tip #1: you can get tires that are designed for specific conditions and deliver a specific effect. For example you can get tires with extra traction for riding in bad weather conditions, or sporty handling for a smooth and comfy ride. Therefore you must always consider where and how you will be driving.

Tip #2: if you are not always driving on a rough terrain, then you must go with all-weather, all-season tires. These all season tires are generally inexpensive and are standard stock for most new cars.

Tip #3: It is always good that if you have a basic information of the tires of your car. This is essential as when it comes to replacing your tires in future, you can buy the ones that have the same size, style and brand as your originals. The sizing information can be gotten from the tires itself, the letter P stands for “passenger vehicle,”, then the width, then the height to width ratio and then the radial R of the tire.

Tip #4: you can purchase tires from a reliable dealer at gas stations, tire specialty stores and even online. A little bit of research and you will be able to locate a good dealer.

Tip #5: always ensure that only a professional mechanic or dealer installs your car tires. Only professionals know the accurate way of putting back your tires over the car’s wheels.



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